Growing your own fruits and vegetables in a garden is a great activity that you can involve the whole family!  Having a garden does not have to be really difficult.  There are many ways that you can build a garden even in small spaces.   To begin planting a garden, follow these simple steps:

  1. Decide what you want to plant.  Try a few of your favorite fruits and vegetables to plant in your garden.     
  2. Find a good place to plant your garden.  A garden can be in your backyard or in containers on a back deck.  
  3. Find out the best time to plant your fruits and vegetables.   The back of the seed package can be a great place to learn when to plant your fruits and vegetables.  Fruits and vegetables can be planted at different times during the year.
  4. Plant your seeds.  Once you have decided what to plant and where you will plant your fruits and vegetables, get everything ready to plant and watch them grow!

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