Physical Activity

Regular physical activity is good for you and your health!
Physical activity is anything that gets your body moving and uses energy.  Walking, running, playing soccer and dancing are just a few examples of physical activity.  There are many great benefits to being physically active.                                           

It can help you:

  • Spend more time with friends and family being active together
  • Feel great and maintain a healthy weight
  • Sleep better
  • Have stronger bones, muscles and joints
  • Prevent or delay illnesses like diabetes and heart disease
  • Enjoy life and have fun!

There are different types of physical activity:

  • Aerobic physical activity
  • Strengthening activities

Physical activity is generally safe for everyone.  Some tips to help you stay safe while you are active include:

  • If you have not been active in a while, start slowly and build up.
  • Learn about the types and amounts of physical activity that are right for you.
  • Choose activities that are appropriate for your activity level.
  • Use proper safety gear and sports equipment.
  • See a health care provider if you have a health problem.

Visit the links below for more information and ways to get you and your family members to be more active.
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