Active Families

Being active with your children will help them develop active lifestyles at a young age.

Here are some ideas for families to be active together:

  • Physical activity is an opportunity to have family fun. Focus on playing rather than on winning.
  • Encourage children to make up games that all the family members can play.
  • Choose activities that match your child’s interests. If your child likes to read, walk or ride bikes to the library.
  • Engage in family discussions to plan activities together. Explore new places together.
  • Household chores can be great activities. Involve children and all family members in weekly household chores and praise everyone for their contributions.
  • While adding more physical activity into the family routine, discuss ways to reduce screen time, such as limiting TV and other screen time to 2 hours a day or less and not allowing children to watch TV in their bedrooms.

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